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My Manuscripts

I have a total of eight completed manuscripts, none of which are published…yet! A brief description of each is written below.


CHANGE MY WORLD TRILOGY (Paranormal YA) – My first three books, which will probably never see the light of day again. Lol!

Book One: Rina, a human living in an alternate present-day Earth where aliens have taken over, befriends and falls in love with an alien named Rand. When Rina is sentenced to death over a misunderstanding, Rand risks everything to help her escape.

Book Two: Rina and Rand, living in the hidden colonies that they found at the end of the first book, which are free from alien control, make a plan to rescue Rina’s family and friends from their alien captors while also dealing with being treated differently by the colonists because of their relationship.

Book Three: After learning about a plan for the aliens to begin systematically killing humans to make room for more aliens who are on their way, Rina and Rand work with the colonists to figure out a way to rescue as many humans as they can. In addition to that pressure, Rina deals with her developing feelings for Finn, another human who lives in the colony.


THE OTHERNESS OF BEING LO (Historical YA) – Sixteen-year-old biracial Loretta “Lo” Carter begins a secret romance with her best friend, Paul, who is white in the summer of 1963.


FOLLOW THE SUN (Historical YA) – Jackie searches for an accurate diagnosis for her little sister’s disorder during the summer of 1969, going against her mother’s wishes to blend their interracial family into their small Ohio town.


THE BLACK MARIA (Historical Adult) – Bertie, a biracial actress trying to make it in 1962 Hollywood, takes a younger aspiring biracial actress named Avery under her wing. But Avery has ulterior motives that force Bertie to question everyone she trusts.


ONE SINGLE YESTERDAY (Speculative YA) – Eighteen-year-old Vera hides her debilitating OCD from everyone she knows. When a being from another dimension offers her a type of treatment to “cure” her mental illness, she accepts.


HONOR ROLL, HATE, AND OTHER INEXPLICABLE PHENOMENA (Contemporary YA) – Gwen makes a last-ditch effort to graduate by taking on a humanities project where she has to prove that there is an explanation for hate. Her research leads her to explore her feelings about where she fits as a biracial girl.

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